Arte del Tai Chi Quan Scuola di Tai Chi Bologna

"Il Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Chi) It is first of all round as the earth is round. Open and close, Hm (open) hey this (Close) They are at the basis of each movement. Relax is the way to cultivate strength. Tai Chi Chuan is Neijia (Within the family) Martial Art. "

Svetlin Manavski

Svetlin Manavski approached Taijiquan for the first time thanks to Master Shi Rong Hua, who let him express the desire to devote to that fascinating art.. The constant practice of the fundamental routines allowed hum to be qualified as an instructor in unusually short time.
Since 2009 he relocated in UK in 2009 , has been teaching the art of Chen Taijiquan to selected practitioners in Caldecote, near Cambridge. , which transmits to his students his technique, discipline and passion.




All instructors

Alberto Negrelli
Alida Pellanda
Andrea Plumes
Antonio Vittori
Cristina Cassanelli
Fabio Tinti
Giuliana Desco
Loris Cappellari
Marco Balbi Renee
Katia Maria Tufano
Marzia Meneganti
Paolo Formentini
Sabrina Carnali
Sarita Savigni
Svetlin Manavski
Ugo Lazzarin

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