“Arte del Tai Chi Quan” is a sporting partnership which assembles theSchools of Tai Chi Quan (Chen style) following master Shi Rong Hua, VI Dan, acknowledged by the People’s Republic of China and disciple of grand master Wang Xian.

The “Arte del Tai Chi Quan” was officially founded in 2010 to assemble in one single organization many Schools of Tai Chi Chen Style from various Italian and European cities. These schools have been following master Shi Rong Hua’s teachings, and have been faithful and respectful of his lessons which pursue a research of  originality without forgetting tradition.

Master Shi Rong Hua has lived in Italy form 1991 to 2008, teaching this martial law and training many Tai Chi instructors all around the country.

Now, master Shi Rong Hua is back in China but he often comes to Italy to follow and supervise the instructors’ activity. Hua’s stages give these instructors the chance to improve the technical skills that they will then use during their lessons.


LAOJIA YILU  (old frame, first form)
XIN JIA ER LU (Pao chui) (new frame, second form)
DAN TUI ( one-handed)
SI ZHI SHOU (two hands, and feet still on the move)
SAN SHOU (free combat)