Shi Rong Hua is born in Whenzhou (Zhejiang-Cina) the October 16th, 1963.
He started practising martial arts when he was 16 years old. His first master of Pa kua chang and Taijiquan was Master Liu Jianping, a judge of the city of Whenzhou.
During the long study with Master Liu Jianping, he had been visiting also the famous Master of Pa Kua Chang, Wang Zhuang Fei, who also teaches the special military services of Canton.
Master Hua obtained the official VI Dan level of the black belt which is recognized by the government of the popular Republic of China.
Afterwards  Liu Jianping introduced him to Grand Master Feng Zhi Qiang and Grand Master Wang Xian. The later promoted Master Hua to become his disciple and the only authorised representative to divulge the Taijiquan of the Chen family in Italy.
In 1991 he relocates to Italy where he operates as physiotherapist and expert of Tui na.
In Italy he started teaching Taijiquan and forming numerous Instructors all over the country.
Master Shi Rong Hua is considered one of the major experts of Taijiquan and tui shou in Italy.
Master Hua relocated back to China after founding his school “The art of Tai Chi Quan” in Italy. However he visits the school many times a year to teach during the regular intensive workshops. These are open to his Instructors but also to their students and any learners who want to approach the profound study of Taijiquan.
“The art of Tai Chi Quan” school is active at numerous sites in northern Italy and in Cambridge (UK) thanks to the popularization by its Instructors, who are officially recognized by Master Shi Rong Hua.