I remember my first Tai Chi lesson with instructor Alberto Negrelli, in October 2002: it was a revelation, a love at first sight (with Tai Chi, of course, not with the master!). I felt I was in front of a fluid martial art, harmonically powerful and, at the same time, respectful of the body and its mechanisms, very close to my job as a physiotherapist.
Alberto used to talk about it as an “internal art”. To my eyes, it was a dance made of circles, intention, structure: movements that came out from inside my body. I couldn’t understand, at that time, that Tai Chi was already inside me, at least its starting point. After nine years of practise, I can easily say that my understanding of Tai Chi’s rules and spirit has reached a further level.

These years, made of many encounters, a lot of hard work, seems not to finish. The intensity and the will to go on studying are the same I felt at the beginning, and the power of that “sudden flash” with Tai Chi remains unchanged.

With Alberto Negrelli I walked this road following the teachings of master Shi Rong Hua with whom I started studying in 2003. Many stages and training courses followed:

–    from 2001 to 2007 stages with master Marcello Sidoti
–    in 2007 and 2008 residential stages with grand master Wang Xian
–    in 2008 I founded, with Paolo Maestri, the Sport Association “I Quattro Cancelli” and I started my career as instructor with the first course in Porretta Terme (the town where I live)
–    in 2010 I received the Certificate of Instructor of the “Art of Tai Chi Quan School”.

My activity goes on and I attend the annual courses with the instructors Alberto Negrelli and Fabio Tinti and with the training courses held in Villafranca Padovana (PD). My life with Tai Chi has been easy also thanks to my instructors and pupils.


At the Polo School Gym “Montessori-Da Vinci” Via Repubblica, 3, Porretta Terme (BO)
Tuesday and Thursday from October 4 from 19:15 to 21:45


Tel. +393475742345
E-mail: marzia.meneganti@alice.it