I started meditating at 19. At 24 I enrolled in boxing in the Bononia Boxe gym directed by Master Luciano Menzani. Master Menzani taught not only the technique, but is always lucid and composed in the fight, a not reacting emotionally in an uncontrolled manner and punching in the ring. At 27 I started out as an amateur boxer. During the boxing years, after training, I started practice Tai Chi Chuan to find relaxation, stillness and a different kind of attention and strength development, as included later. Meeting with Master Hua was fundamental. Master struck me for his presence, serenity, delicacy, technique and martial strength released by relaxation. I found in him the natural continuation of my path of meditation and boxing. I left the gym. From that moment I enrolled in the school and I attended every phase with Master Hua to deepen my knowledge of what I had heard, to refine my direction of martial study and my research in meditation. In 2015 I graduated instructor for the school. All within the lessons exercises are carried out to: create the correct physical structure to help and improve relaxation, coordination, balance; couple exercises to learn to feel oneself and the other in the relationship; active meditation techniques and preparatory sessions for tai chi listening to oneself; study of martial applications as a game, without action-reaction, to cultivate harmony and sensitivity.

Marco Balbi Dipalma was born in Angera (Va) on 1982.

He has a degree in theater at the University of Bologna.

The creative research of Rena Mirecka continues with her project “THE PASSAGE” at the Institute
Grotowski in Wroclaw (Poland).

He is assistant to Kristopher Twofeathers in the ritual inipi gapi (sweat lodge) of the American Indians.

He went to India to deepen his meditation in Amma’s Ashram.

Practice Vipassana Buddhist (mindfulness) of Theravada tradition

He is president of the association. Zibaldone cultural center that deals with theatrical education in the schools of childhood, primary and secondary schools in Bologna and the province.

Art Master for A.I.A.S Onlus Bologna teaches theater, cinema and tai chi chuan in school laboratories e
educational groups for child neuropsychiatry in Bologna.

Corsi 2019/20

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Info: 3404044974

Mail: marco.balbi@zibaldoneteatro.it