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"Il Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Chi) It is first of all round as the earth is round. Open and close, Hm (open) hey this (Close) They are at the basis of each movement. Relax is the way to cultivate strength. Tai Chi Chuan is Neijia (Within the family) Martial Art. "

Cristina Cassanelli

Cristina Cassanelli begins its path Tai Chi Quan in 2004 under the guidance of the Senior Instructor Fabio Tinti.
From the first year of study he begins to follow the residential stages of Master Shi Rong Hua starting a parallel study path under the Master's Guide.
In 2005 e 2006 follows the intensive summer stages of Maestro Marcello Sidoti where he learns the Sword Form Chen Style in addition to continuing the study of the Xinjia Yi Lu form.
Over the years he studied the classical forms of Chen Style Traditional: Xin Jia Yi Lu, 56, Saber Form Chen Style, and shape 40 That, and from 2007 studies and deepens in particular the ancient form Lao Jia Yi Lu.
In 2007 begins a journey of continuous study with Master Shi Rong Hua and continues to follow his internship intensive weekly.
In 2007 e 2008 participates in residential Internships in Italy with the Gran Maestro Wang Xian
In 2008 Master Hua The instructor appointment of the school he founded in Italy "The Art of Tai Chi Quan"
Since 2009 She holds its courses in Zola Predosa in collaboration with the ASCO association.
In February 2010 the appointment with the Diploma Instructor School "Art of Tai Chi Quan".



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Course Information

Courses 2019-2020

They will resume classes at the Gymnasium of the Elementary Schools in Ponte Ronca (Zola Predosa) the 3 October 2019 from 19.30 at 21.30 and will continue until the end of May 2020

beginners Courses

Monday and Thursday 19.30 all 20.30

intermediate and advanced courses

Monday and Thursday 20.30 all 21.30

On Thursday 19 e 26 September 2019 There will be trial lessons open to everyone from 19.30 all 20.30


Stage di Tui Shou Sensibile

Stage di Tui Shou Sensibile

Stage di Tui Shou Sensibile
The Tui Shou is not just a push hands, but an exercise where it is developed and refined sensitivity and the use of the forces of Tai Chi. To better understand this type of work, the Master Shi Rong Hua offers us, internships are born of Tui Shou Sensitive, moments of study to deepen the fundamental principles of Tui Shou.

Love suddenly Cristina Cassanelli

Love suddenly Cristina Cassanelli

Sudden love I was unable to participate in this stage as I would have liked, but the Master has succeeded equally, like a miracle to make me fall in love again for this wonderful art. I have always "fought" the shape Yang, especially for related problems ...

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