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"Il Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Chi) It is first of all round as the earth is round. Open and close, Hm (open) hey this (Close) They are at the basis of each movement. Relax is the way to cultivate strength. Tai Chi Chuan is Neijia (Within the family) Martial Art. "

Courses 2011 – Fabio Tinti

Fabio Tinti

Posted on: 27 September 2011

Istruttore Fabio Tinti – Courses 2011
Corso ragazzi:
Lunedì e Mercoledì 17:00-18:00
prima lezione gratuita Lunedì 26 September
Corso adulti avanzati:
Wednesday and Friday 19:30-20:45
prima lezione gratuita Mercoledì 28 September
Corso adulti principianti:
Wednesday and Friday 20:45-22:00
prima lezione gratuita Mercoledì 28 September


Tel. +393343199847 evening hours

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