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"Il Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Chi) It is first of all round as the earth is round. Open and close, Hm (open) hey this (Close) They are at the basis of each movement. Relax is the way to cultivate strength. Tai Chi Chuan is Neijia (Within the family) Martial Art. "

Antonio Vittori

Antonio Vittori Born in Faenza in 1977.
A lover of martial arts since childhood, practice Yoga and other sports for many years.
Meet the Tai Ji stile Yang to the 1991, remaining instantly enchanted and practicing as a hobby for a few years.
In 1995 It supports the exams and gets the title of gymnastics instructor.
Since the late '90s began to study Tai Ji Chen style with Daniele Piazza instructor Faenza, who introduces him to the first internship with Maestro Shi Rong Hua. This meeting was crucial to choose their direction of study.
After attending other internship with the Master begins the course by qualifying teachers Instructor in February 2010 a Padova.
Continue the learning process with the help of friends and the guidance of. When, for personal needs the instructor Daniele Piazza moved to the United States assumes, with the consent of Master Shi Rong Hua, the guidance of the course of Faenza.
In 2010, with the help of some students, founded Chen-Fa School, affiliated association the Art of Tai Chi Quan.



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Course Information

Courses 2019-2020

Monday Center at Borgo hours 9.00 and hours 10.00 in via Saviotti 1

Monday by Chen Fa hours 19.30 via Insurgents 2

Wednesday University hours for adults 9.00 and hours 10 via Cavour 37

Wednesday Chen Fa Children hours 17.00 and teens hours 18.00 via Insurgents 2

Thursday Center at Borgo hours 9.00 and hours 10.00 in via Saviotti 1

Thursday Chen Fa hours 19.00 via Manzoni 8

Friday Chen Fa hours 19.00 via Insurgents 2


All instructors

Alberto Negrelli
Alida Pellanda
Andrea Plumes
Antonio Vittori
Cristina Cassanelli
Fabio Tinti
Giuliana Desco
Loris Cappellari
Marco Balbi Renee
Katia Maria Tufano
Marzia Meneganti
Paolo Formentini
Sabrina Carnali
Sarita Savigni
Svetlin Manavski
Ugo Lazzarin

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